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June 10, 2022

This session hit me in the feels. Peggy, who is one of my roommates from college, reached out to me asking me to photograph her and her precious pup, Meeko. She got terrible news that her pup had a couple weeks left in his life due to cancer. There was no doubt in my mind that I needed to make her proud and photograph their love during this photo shoot with her pup.

Animals are 100% family members and pull special heart strings for myself and many dog owners. I met Peggy and Meeko at one of their favorite parks. We wanted the shoot to feel as natural and as normal as possible. So they played until the sun went down and just spent some quiet and intimate moments together. I wanted to capture them as candid as possible, so I gave them some prompts, but ultimately let Meeko run the show. He really is the sweetest and my heart hurts so much for Peggy & Meeko.

I am so glad I could be a part of this time and leave her with photos with her pup that I hope she will treasure forever.

Photo Shoot With Your Pup of human and dog standing in field being playful with ball
Woman and dog playing fetch during family session in Michigan
Woman and dog giving kisses to each other while playing fetch in field by Michigan photographer Maxyne Simon
Woman plays with tennis ball at sunset at her Photo Shoot With Your Pup
Woman and dog walking through field at sunset during family session
dog photo session near water playing fetch and walking through field at sunset
dogs nose close up with snow on face and playing fetch with owner
dog and owners standing in field path during Photo Shoot With Your Pup
dog owner sitting on park bench with dog sitting in front of her at sunset
Dog and owner hugging in field at sunset with Michigan family photographer

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