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I'm Maxyne, world traveler and book enthusiast. Ever since I was little, I had to have my hands on something creative. After dabbling in photography throughout high school and college, I continued on what I thought was a great hobby to have. Little did I know it would lead me to a job I absolutely love!
‚ÄčIn the last year, I have focused on finding why and what I love about photography...Couples. Now, that's my jam. I love playing music and running around with couples through gorgeous sceneries to capture their love. I want to make them feel on top of the world and their love to feel bold and unique. I want future couples to enjoy their big day and forget that I'm even there because they are loving every second! I want to be your professional third wheel. 

What kind of couple are you? Do you want to get ice cream? Grab some pizza? Sit on top of a mountain? Eat cotton candy at a carnival? Adventure into the unknown? Let's do it!

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