bold. raw. emotional. BOLD. RAW. EMOTIONal.




Hey there! I'm Maxyne - the chief adventurer, foodie, and sticky note hoarder behind the camera. I have a love for all things travel and culture. I even snagged my now hunk of a husband while living in Germany for 9 months - talk about a win-win!I have a knack for spotting unique architecture and vintage tiles wherever I go, and my taste buds are always ready for a new culinary experience. I'm also a former elementary teacher who recently made the move back to Michigan after living in Texas for 5 years. I may have left my teaching job behind, but I still rock my "teacher voice" like a pro.

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When I'm not busy exploring the world or indulging in tasty treats, you can find me with my nose buried in a historical fiction book or getting my hands dirty with a DIY project in my creation station. And of course, no day is complete without a little off-pitch singing and dancing - I mean, who needs perfect pitch when you've got enthusiasm, right?

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I fell in love with photography during my high school days, where I spent countless hours in the darkroom developing my own film. I became hooked on the art of capturing moments and emotions in a tangible way.

Nowadays, I focus on capturing the in-between moments, the real stuff that happens when people aren't posing or even paying attention to the camera. I want to freeze those little moments that make life so special. My style is a little bit bold, a little bit moody, and a whole lot of magic.

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The best thing about a person is how their head falls back when they are really laughing. I want to capture the very essence of the person. I'm not just a person behind a camera; I'm your hype girl, your biggest cheerleader, and your friend. I'm the one who will make you feel comfortable and confident in front of the lens, even if you're a little camera-shy. I'm not afraid to get a little silly or try something new, and I'm always up for an adventure.

Photos with me will capture the real raw emotions of the day. Whether you're getting married, celebrating a milestone, or just want some amazing photos for your social media, I'm here to make it happen. I'll be there to capture the big moments and even the little ones, the laughs and the tears, and the details in between.

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The Maxyne method

Bold & Fun

Raw & Emotion

So stick around, grab a brewski, and let's create some memories together!

Happy Place

Let’s go to the beach beach let’s go get away

Drink Order

Depends on the day…craft beer, prosecco, or a tropical mixed drink preferably with passion fruit

Favorite food

Tacos, queso, bread, pasta, charcuterie boards. Sorry I can’t pick just one

Capturing More than just meets the eye

fun facts

your biggest hype girl, capturing your most special moments


I am jam packed with personality. I love to make people laugh and feel good. I am a go getter with squirrel like tendencies that always keep me on my toes. I will be your biggest hype girl. 

down-time activity

I like good books and I cannot lie


A golden named Charlie aka Charles, Chuck, Princess of Genovia, Floof-butt, Stinky Potpie

Deeper Level

Seriously, just stop your search here. You found your photographer. Maxyne is so sweet and makes you feel so comfortable in front of the camera. She truly cares and is so personable. And the outcome is amazing!!! I love the photos we got back and can't wait for our wedding! She chooses to provide a complimentary engagement photo session so she can meet you, which I know will make the wedding day so much easier since we know her. Couldn't recommend her enough!!

Naomi C.

Maxyne is the best!!! She did our engagement pictures and will do our wedding! We are obsessed with our pictures and had the best time 12/10 recommend

Aimee M.

Maxyne is the best! We were so nervous for our first family photos but she made the process easy from start to finish. She took all the stress out of deciding what to wear and where to go. During the photo session, her teaching experience made a huge difference. She helped our toddler have fun while getting the perfect shot. We plan to work with her every year if not every season! Thank you Maxyne!!

Chris B.

Maxyne has an incredible ability to make you feel so comfortable in front of the camera. She will have you laughing the whole time, which makes for great candid and natural looking photos. She helped us with posing so that our photos came out so amazing! 10/10 recommend

Jessica F.