You are the most important person!

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November 1, 2021

As a photographer, it is invaluable to me to make sure that my couples feel comfortable in their skin when working with me.

When you work with a photographer on your big day, you must share common values with them, so you feel comfortable and connect to your photographer. They are coming into an intimate space, and you want to keep that safe. 

Some photographers in the area may not be comfortable with same-sex marriages, some may shy away from a spooky shoot, and some may simply not fit your vibe! But when you work with me, everyone is accepted and loved. I just want to help you tell your unique love story through images. 

Ever see stunning engagement or wedding photos taken at a local park or forest and think, “Wow, that is gorgeous! I want photos like that.” Then you start to think about yourself and your boo and realize the gorgeous photo you just admired is just that gorgeous photo. Maybe that couple in the photo chose that location because they went there on their first date, or they walked their dogs there, but that is the important part. 

Creating that space that you feel comfortable in is part of the process! Connecting with me is just important as the space because I want you to feel at home.

That is what they chose. Each and every couple is so unique and shares qualities that are special to them. They bond over similarities and hobbies that make them feel some sort of way. YOUR photos are about YOUR love story.

Similarities are what glue us together, especially in a new environment, and I want you to see this overlap!

Your love story is what should shine through in your engagement photos. Choose a location you go to often, a location that holds sentimental value to you, or even something you like to do together and make it damn special. Same goes for your wedding day, your love is what should shine through. Take that portrait time to have a memorable experience and soak in the day with your boo!

If it doesn’t feel special and magical to you, we aren’t doing it right. This is one of the things that are super important to me as a photographer to create for you.

If you love rollerblading every weekend, then that is what you should have your photographer capture! If you have been waiting for someone to say, “You do you!” Here I am… YOU DO YOU!

On your day, you are the most important person.

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