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April 29, 2022

This sweet family recently adopted Malakai, and their Ann Arbor Family session was the sweetest thing ever!!! Their love for each other and their family radiated. Mal was a little shy at first, but quickly warmed up to the camera and was the star of the show. He eventually directed the photo shoot with the prompts he liked the best! Him and their family dog are two peas in a pod I couldn’t stop being so in awe of their bond! Mal kept their dog close by while holding onto his leather leash for more than half the session! So cute!

We were able to keep this family session very lifestyle! I love being able to capture families in their true element instead of trying to pose their every move! Family sessions are the best sessions to bring out the true life and realness! Especially when kids are involved! They have so much life and curiosity about every step, so getting them to be goofy or playful is no issue! It’s the best! I usually look at it as an hour or two of a play date with a lady with a camera! We dance around, sometimes listen to music, and just hang as if were family friends! The best!

It’s hard to beat an Ann Arbor family session especially when you have this amazing of family to hang with for the afternoon! Loved every second of it!

Ann Arbor family session with 3 person family
family session with family dog in Ann Arbor and Michigan family photographer
Ann Arbor family running through field wearing blue jeans and tan pants
son during family session wearing jean long sleeve and white sneakers
ann arbor family session with family dog and holding hands
family gives hugs during Michigan family session wearing long dress in golden field
son plays with leaves during family session in Ann Arbor
parents and son run through golden field during Ann Arbor family session
son holding moms hand walking through field in Ann Arbor
son and family dog holding onto leash during family session
full family portrait with family dog and Michigan family photographer
mom and son throwing him in the air with toddler
father throws toddler son in the air during Ann Arbor family session
father and son giving hugs during Ann Arbor family session
mom and dad hugging while son holds family dogs leash

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