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March 6, 2022

Rachel and Kevin had the best day celebrating their Ford Piquette Plant wedding in Michigan! They both got ready with their best of friends and read letters to one another before seeing each other walking down the aisle!

Rachel shared a brief moment before the wedding taking beautiful bridals with me and being able to take a breath before seeing Kevin for the first time on their big day. These moments were so special and I felt honored to be apart of them.

The Ford Piquette Plant brings a unique wedding venue vibe to Michigan that cannot be ignored! It gives both industrial and vintage and if the perfect place to celebrate a wedding! It’s right in Detroit so a convenient location for all friends and family to stay close together in one place during your wedding weekend!

I felt absolutely honored to shoot Rachel and Kevin’s wedding. Seeing their friends and family around them just show them so much love throughout the day was incredible and I wish them both nothing but a lifetime of happiness!

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dress hanging before wedding at ford piquette plant in Detroit with wedding photographer
groomsmen shoes and wedding bands before wedding in Detroit
girls wearing pink pjs before wedding at ford piquette plant
bride wearing wedding dress finishing details before getting married to groom
bride and bridesmaids standing in front of ford piquette plant in Michigan
mother of bride finishing details with almost married woman with Detroit wedding photographer
bridesmaid in long blush pink dress reading letter from groom to bride
groomsmen clinking beer glasses in blue suit coats and blush pink wedding ties
ballroom of ford piquette plant in Michigan getting ready for wedding reception
bride walking with father down the aisle before getting married to groom
grooms reacts to bride walking down the aisle with father
bride and groom exit church after sharing first kiss in front of friends and family
bride and groom with bridesmaids and groomsmen standing in front of wedding church
bride and groom outside church holding wedding bouquet and wearing a veil
newly married couple walking with wedding party and Detroit wedding photographer
groom twirling bride and standing outside ford piquette plant while wearing blue suit and wedding dress
bride and groom walk downtown Detroit at ford piquette plant while holding hands
bride shows off diamond engagement ring while holding her bouquet wrapped in her grooms arms
bride and groom on party bus drinking alcohol in downtown Detroit with wedding party
bride and groom show off new wedding bands in Michigan
bride and groom holding hands in downtown Detroit after wedding ceremony
3 layer wedding cake with fresh florals at ford piquette plan in Michigan
first dance with groom and bride after getting married with Michigan wedding photographer
bride and groom at sunset after getting married and wearing new wedding bands
bride and groom dancing together at wedding reception at ford piquette plant

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