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I was born and raised in Michigan. Proud Michigander right here. I hung out in my fun bubble until I finished college and booked my first solo flight to Germany where I lived for 9 months. Guten Tag Bier und Brezel! That is where traveling formed a huge spot in my heart. Somehow, I managed to scoop up a hunk to join me on this life adventure. A couple years later I found myself teaching 4th graders in a sauna, I mean Texas! (I am still getting used to this heat, but hey they have bomb tacos and country music!) My last year of teaching I made the switch to teaching art. Let me tell you, I definitely found my calling. I got to create all day with students of all ages! I decided after my fifth year of teaching, that it was time to leave the classroom and start yet another new adventure....working as a Virtual Assistant and full time photographer! You can often find me researching for trips, eating all the food, or strolling through the aisles of Target. 

Traveling, let's chat about that for a minute. If you have never had the opportunity to go and explore another city, I strongly encourage you try it. There is something about leaving your comfort zone and diving into another land. You get to engulf yourself in their culture, food, and walk the streets of history. Traveling has become a huge part of who I am. I am an advocate for great food and good times. Don't be surprised if you find me and my list of all the best food in the area, because I guarantee I've done hours of research prior!

What a feeling it is to capture your most special moments. I love that feeling. You are my why. Your families, your wedding, your engagement, your elopement, these are my whys. I want to help you remember all of the special milestones in your life. I also want to be your forever that weird. Sorry, not sorry. Let's capture these memories together and have some fun along the way! 

Let's do it!

1. Traveling is my fav.

2. I could stroll the aisles of Target for hours. 

3. TACOS & ZA.

4. PIVOT, PIVOT, PIVOT. Always down for a Friends episode.

5. Love me a craft beer, but sometimes I keep it classy and enjoy Prosecco with a side of charcuterie board. 

You HAD ME AT PIZZA.... let's chat!

so we meet again...

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